I’ve worked on a variety of games, from Flash to Xbox 360. I have released a title on just about every gaming platform in the past 10 years and even a movie.

Titles & Position

Wizard of Oz: Magic Match (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Product Manager

Mortal Kombat X Mobile (iOS, Android) – MBA Intern / Product Specialist

Barista (feature length film documentary) – Executive Producer – kickstarter funded and distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films

Dead Realm (Steam) – Senior Producer – http://store.steampowered.com/app/352460 – 85k+ users within 1 week.

Zya (PC & iOS) – Lead Game Designer – Zyamusic.com – 200k+ registered users. #1 Music Game Apple App Store

Today You Need a Drink (iPhone) – Designer / Producer – iTunes Store Link

Zombie Parkour Runner (iPhone) – Original Concept & Game Designer – iTunes Store Link – 2 Million+ downloads & featured in Apple’s New & Noteworthy

Monkey Kick (iPhone) – Lead Designer – iTunes Store Link

Atlantis (Facebook) – Game Designer

Lionsgate Conan the Barbarian 3D (Flash) – Producer – Play Conan

Trojan Rocket Racer (Flash) – Game Designer

Hit Rupert Murdoch with a Pie (Flash) – Producer

AM/PM Bottle Rocket (Flash) – Game Designer

AM/PM Fountain Alchemy (Flash) – Game Designer

Oh No UFOs (Flash) – Game Designer

Charlie Sheen: Escape from Rehab (Flash) – Game Designer

Starbucks Pong (Flash) – Game Designer

Backyard BBQ (Flash) – Game Designer

Chop Suey (Flash) – Game Designer

Hit Justin Bieber (Flash) – Game Designer

UpUpDownDown Games (Facebook Flash Game Portal) – Web Editor / Manager

Epic Monsters (Facebook) – Game Designer

Toy Story 3 (Xbox 360, PS3) – Development Support

Cute Monkey (Flash, iPhone in development) –Lead Designer

TNA: Impact 2 (DS) – Original Lead Designer

My Spanish Coach (PSP) – Associate Producer, Lead Designer

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (DS) – Associate Producer, Lead Designer

Vacation Isle (Wii, Unreleased) – Lead Designer, Core Designer

Eagle Summoner (Wii, DS, Unreleased) – Lead Designer

My Chinese Coach (DS, iPhone) – Lead Designer – iPhone Store Link

My Japanese Coach (DS, iPhone) – Designer – iPhone Store Link

My English Coach (DS, iPhone) – Designer

Dirty Harry (Wii, PC, PS2, PSP Unreleased) – Level Designer

Fight Club (PS2, Xbox) – Quality Assurance

Crash Bandicoot Orange (GBA) – Quality Assurance

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