Fun Links

Other really fun places to go on the web and that you should check out:

  • The KB – a geek culture focused video blog co-hosted by myself and Binkley.  Bringing you interviews, sketches, and articles on all things cool & geek.
  • Hungry Gamer Fanpage – – the Hungry Gamer facebook page, where I add gaming and food related stories.  Like it! and keep up to date with news on the culinary game-o sphere.
  • IE – a community for Fighting Game enthusiasts in Southern California, that I help run, organize, and commentate for.  If you live on the east side of Los Angeles and like games, come join and have some fun.
  • Gaming and Geek Clothes – the dreaded Kancho from Japan! Hungry Gamer gear!  Fighting Game special t-shirts!  If you don’t know what it is, look it up, and then get a shirt to defend yourself.
  • Always Player – Full service gaming and app developer and consultant.  My company that I started.  Have game ideas? Want to make a game? We can  make it happen.

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