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Racist Developers? Nope, just Japanese…

So Street Fighter V revealed a new character yesterday.  Rashid.  A middle eastern guy with a turban who attacks with tornado attacks.  Here’s his trailer:

So immediately after his release, people screamed racism.  Example of SFV Racism and Rebuttle.  Sure he’s pretty stereotypical.  But is he racist?  I just feel the need to point out it’s Capcom.  A Japanese developer.  Most of their games are built on stereotypes.  He’s definitely not worse than the rest of the cast.  Dhalsim the Indian yogi?  Zangief, the communist Russian?  Have progressive characters ever come from Japanese developers?  Or just stereotypes of big boobed women and heavily accented caricatures.  Now granted I love these big boob women and heavily accented caricatures, but I’m not defending them for their all too simplified character development.  What I’m saying is that they are making a game, and as long as they don’t show negative stereotypes, some type of generalization for character identity is needed. Sure, it would be great if every character is multifaceted with deep personality traits, but that’s not going to happen espcially in fighting games.  So let’s try to be understand what this is supposed to be. Fluff entertainment.  And let’s turn the outrage down a few notches to at least a 4.

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