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AX Last Comic Standing

So I entered the Anime Expo Last Comic Standing contest this year.  On Saturday I competed against 34 other competitors and had to do 2 a minute set in front of judges.  I made the top 10 cut, and came back the next day to do a live show in front of two hundred plus people, which was then judged by audience applause.  Not to be sour grapes, but I think I should have won judged on audience applause, as the first 2 people brought along posse’s of friends to cheer them on after each set, but the crowd seemed pretty tied.  Oh, well.  But top 10 isn’t bad for a guy who didn’t resort to a single sex joke, poop joke, or rape joke.  Seriously, it took about 6 seconds before one guy started resorting to rape jokes.  I was just sitting there shaking my head. I weaved in some new stuff, polished some other stuff, and tried in a brand new joke that sort of fell flat at one part. That’ll show me to try brand new material in the middle of a contest I guess. I felt I was rushing really fast in this because I had 15 minutes worth of material, but was told that I only had 8 minutes right before the show. I should have just ignored the time constraints like most of the other contestants.






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